People like staff member Leo Hurley are available to you for ongoing support in your recovery. 

Seafield Center alumni frequently return to Seafield and share their stories of recovery. 

Please contact Leo Hurley at 631-237-8596 or email if you would like to return to Seafield to share your story.
To the entire staff at Seafield,

We cannot thank you enough for your outstanding services. Our 19 year old son same to you with an addiction problem. You helped him and our family out in ways that I could never repay you for. You gave us the guidance and tools we all needed to get him straight and stay that way. When we dropped our son off at your facility we were all very saddened over the emotional turmoil we have been going through. Our son had come to us the day before and told us he had a problem and needed our help to quit his addiction that we were unaware of. It is almost three years now that I can say thanks to the help from Seafield he has been clean. He changed his lifestyle, his friends and his mindset. He is very successful in his life now. He has a very good job/career. Without the help from everyone including the other clients whom all gave him good sound advice I don't know where we would be today. Thank you all so very much from the bottom of our hearts. I wish you all the best life has to offer!

Dear Mr. (George) Benedict,

God bless you for founding Seafield Center. My sister has been here since June 8th. You may remember my asking you about the Perennial Buttercups.

I will be picking my sister up on Friday morning for her return home. I thank you and all the staff for the good work begun here and continuing on for many more years.

In Gratitude…

Dear George,

My husband was in Seafield Center in 1991. We’ve come a long way since then, & saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. You have brought sunshine into like and of course back into mine.

The picnic was so beautiful and like a shot in the arm for husband!

I’m so glad we came! Thank you so much for everything.

All our love and thanks.

P.S. Thank you for sharing at the meeting…

Dear George,

Your kindness and generosity has given me the foundation to build a new life. Most of all, your faith in me has provided me with the courage & strength to remain sober – one day at a time.

Thank you for everything – thanks for helping me get my life back.


Dear Mr. George Benedict:

Seafield, a port in the storm of addiction, a beacon of light peaking through many clouded lives.

Enter the Reverend Fred Valdes, a person with love for everyone he touches and a promise of tomorrow’s spiritual freedom for all who are willing to run for the brass ring of spiritual healing. He sells it hard with soft enough edges to let all who are ready to embrace the twelve steps of sobriety to do so and to also swallow the truths about ourselves. If one is ready the Reverend Valdes will take you minute by minute, second by second to levels of self help and self worth beyond anything you can possibly wish for.

As a parent of adult addicts I have witnessed a miracle. I’ve prayed for a miracle for some thirteen years to no avail. Yet in one felt swoop your staff at Seafield and Reverend Valdes have given my adult children the ability to take back their lives. Even though they kicked and screamed about breaking out of that place, your staff pushed, cajoled, prodded in just the right amounts and gave an entire family a new batch of tomorrows.

There is no price to put on this gift, no words grand enough to describe the emotions of gratitude for all the staff from just this family.

How could one woman begin to tell you what you have given or what hope you have made possible.

Thank you for allowing my adult addict children and I to believe in the promise of their future, in this life clean and sober.


I just wanted to say thanks for letting me borrow the song to copy. I also want to say, I can not thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to stay here, and put my life back together. If it were not for you and John Haley giving me this help when you did, I know I would not have made it.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for Seafield. My experience there was truly incredible. I’ve learned a new and better way of living and now look forward to each new day. I’ll be seeing you in the rooms and at the Christmas party. Thanks again and God Bless.

Dear George –

The new me wants to thank you for “being there” for me. My stay at Seafield was exactly what I needed. It was the refresher course that allowed me to function in the real world again – and that feels good.

George, you should really be proud of Seafield. Your entire facility – staff – organization – down to the smallest detail is first class. Everyone is very knowledgeable and caring about your clients. Believe me, being on the receiving end was an unforgettable experience.

Keep doing what you are doing and if I can ever be of help – please call me.

I’m sure you know you are very special to me.
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