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Recovery Homes


Seafield Resources, a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit, provides safe, clean, & supportive recovery housing for men, women & young men. Our recovery homes are designed to meet the needs of residents. Many clients self-pay for housing at rates that are affordable & their treatment at OASAS-licensed facilities is covered by insurance. In many cases, individuals are eligible for public assistance to cover the cost of recovery housing. We accept referrals for Sober Housing from other treatment centers around the country. Clients who take Naltrexone or Buprenorphine are eligible for recovery housing. We accept clients on Suboxone maintenance in Nassau & Suffolk County.


Seafield Resources operates Supportive Recovery Environment Housing in accordance with local ordinances. All residents in the program must be committed to their recovery, attend Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings & contribute to the well-being of the local community.

  • Seafield Resources has 10 recovery homes, including locations for men & women.

  • Several of our homes offer Medication Assisted Treatment for qualified individuals.

  • Recovery Homes for Men in Suffolk County (Riverhead, Medford, Amityville)

  • Recovery Homes for Women in Suffolk County (Riverhead)

  • Recovery Homes for Men in Nassau County (Uniondale & Hempstead)

  • Recovery Homes for Women in Nassau County (Uniondale)

  • There are 154 sober house beds in total.

  • Why stay in a recovery home?
    After living in addiction, "normal" isn't always recognizable. For many of those in recovery, the time before their sobriety was chaotic. Newly recovering individuals can be vulnerable to backsliding if they are not in an environment that fully supports their journey.
  • Safety
    Recovery homes offer a safe environment that is free of triggers or other stressful situations while outside of program hours. This helps avoid temptation & gives our residents, & their loved ones, peace of mind.
  • Accountability
    Living in our recovery homes removes temptations & creates an environment in which residents know that there are expectations to be met. Being around other individuals in recovery with regular check-ins creates an environment of integrity & trust.
  • Structure
    For anyone not used to having "down-time," it's easy to slip into old behaviors. Recovery homes provide residents with options to fill their free time with self-care, fellowship & other activities to help restore a sense of purpose.
  • Support
    Going through a program of recovery is actual work. Many recovering individuals can find this time very isolating. Our recovery homes provide a safe, understanding environment for anyone going through this process. Having true support can be a huge factor in your continued success.
  • Wellness
    For many people in recovery, health & wellbeing took a backseat. At our recovery homes, we provide nutritious meals & focus on regular fitness to help take the stress off of our residents while helping them feel better in their bodies.

If you are interested in learning more about our drug rehab recovery homes, contact us today. We have recovery homes are throughout Long Island, NY that are ready to meet your needs.

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